Achieve your Best

Achieve your Best

man exerciseSport, exercise, and other performance areas sometimes require the individual to push past low mood, negative thoughts, and low energy to get long-term results.

Mindfulness and acceptance skills can add to one’s mental toughness and increase the potential for success in reaching goals.

Learn more about Achieving your Best with Mindfulness in this helpful article by Abra Garfield. Abra provides one-on-one therapy, life and career coaching, sport and exercise psychology services, and education programs and seminars on Mindfulness. A former elite athlete himself, Abra is also an Approved Provider with the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Could Mindfulness Help You?

Could Mindfulness Help You?

Do you regularly experience depression, anxiety, or worry?

Perhaps you have to deal with chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure, or insomnia.

Mindfulness can help you! Evidence shows that mindfulness improves:

  • immune system function and brain activity
  • our ability to ‘bounce back’ from negative experiences and trauma
  • “flow” in everyday life (sport, performance, and exercise)
  • focus and attention
  • our sense of inner calm.

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Mindfulness for Pain Management

Mindfulness for Pain Management

Did you know – Mindfulness Meditation can be helpful in the management and relief of chronic pain?

One of our Psychologists, Dr Amanda White, was recently interviewed by the About Pain website. You can read the full article here.

“If pain is escalating, mindfulness meditation is a practice to create space around the pain so that it does not overwhelm the person experiencing it.”

Dr Amanda White, Psychologist

To make an appointment with Amanda to learn how Mindfulness and meditation can help with your chronic pain issues, you can book online, or with any of our Mindfulness psychologists, by calling 1800 877 924.



Our Sport Psychologist, Abra Garfield, has found that Mindfulness can be an extremely effective approach when it comes to helping individuals with Adult ADD/ADHD.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Adult ADD/ADHD

Mindfulness exercises and mindfulness meditation have been shown to have a very positive effect on:

  • attention/concentration/focus,
  • self-awareness/reflection,
  • performance,
  • emotional wellbeing, and
  • pain management.

Read more from Abra Garfield on how Mindfulness can benefit adults with ADD/ADHD.

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