Linda Thomson

Linda-ThomsonLinda Thomson, B Arts, Social Science, Human Services, Masters of Counselling, Master Social Work Studies, Social Work, Member – AASW.

Since obtaining her Masters of Counselling in 2005, Linda Thomson has specialised in Relationships Counselling. She has worked across two different not-for-profit counselling organisations, including Kinections (Anglicare) as a program co-ordinator and senior counsellor responsible for supervising counsellors, social workers and psychologists.

Linda has always had a passion  for helping people to overcome obstacles in their lives to enable them to reach their full potential.

Areas of Interest

Linda’s special interests include helping people through the pain associated with grief and loss, life transitions, separation, trauma and emotional issues. In addition she has extensive training and many years of clinical practice as a relationship counsellor.

Linda finds that Mindfulness is especially helpful in therapy, as it can immediately give people skills to make a difference to  their current situation.

Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness is a counselling approach that teaches people to:

  • Learn to observe their own thoughts without judgment;
  • See thoughts as just thoughts, not facts;
  • Change their relationship with their pain, to become “unstruck”;
  • Build a healthier understanding of self development;
  • Heal their relationship with themselves so they are able to fully engage in other relationships;
  • Manage and reduce  anxiety by stopping the struggle with their own thoughts.

Linda has completed training in this area to an advanced level and attended many Master Classes.

Grief and Loss

Linda has studied this subject at a Masters level and has a broad understanding of  the theoretical interventions. This training and working in this field have enabled Linda to help people compassionately through what can be an extremely unsettling and difficult time in their lives. Linda has written a manual for supporting Maori people through bereavement.

Grief and Loss is something that will affect all of us at some stage of our lives, although we all have very individual responses to the experience. It can impact all aspects of our lives eg biological, psychological, spiritual and social. Loss can be an event happening to us, a process  of adjustment to an interpretation, an experience or a state. Loss is produced by an event which is perceived to be negative by the individuals involved and results in long-tern changes to one’s social situations, relationships or cognitions (Miller & Ormarzui, 1988, p.12).

Grief is the emotional  response to loss. The complex amalgam of painful effects may include sadness, anger, helplessness, guilt and despair (Raphael, 1984, p.33).

People who are currently facing redundancy will experience grief and loss, and may be need in assistance with the major life transitions and grief that they are facing.

Chronic Pain Management / Lifestyle Related Illness

Whilst completing her final Masters of Social Work, Linda was involved in the lifestyle management and prevention program in a hospital setting, and wrote a conference paper on the benefit of support groups for people suffering from  heart failure. The lifestyle prevention and management  program focused on the management of chronic health conditions such as heart failure, lifestyle dietetics and helping people to adapt to their changed circumstances.

Mindfulness has been found to be a powerful counselling intervention in this area, a technique that Linda has incorporated into her counselling practice. Therapy will focus on improving the client’s motivation to maintaining an adapted lifestyle, and helping them to embrace the positives that may bring – as well as learning to accept the losses that may have occurred as a result of the illness.

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