Jim Adsett

Jim Adsett Psychologist LoganholmeJim Adsett, BA Psych (Hons)

For more than 11 years, Loganholme Psychologist Jim Adsett has worked in the drug and alcohol field.

He spent the first four years of his career working in therapeutic communities for substance abuse problems. This involved working intensively with clients recovering from drug or alcohol issues in a residential rehabilitation setting. Here he gained an outlook on addiction that combines the best from a structured psychological approach with the traditional approach of 12 step programs.

Help for Substance Abuse

Following his work in therapeutic communities, Jim worked for the Queensland Health Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Service (ATODS). In this role Jim focused on seeing complex clients who did not fit neatly into the box of being either a “mental health” or “drug and alcohol” client. There is often a massive overlap between the two issues, and Jim’s treatment approach is to address both at the same time in order to get the best outcome for the client.

Sometimes people start using drugs and alcohol to cope with mental health problems, and sometimes the use itself causes the depression, anxiety, marital problems etc. There are many strategies clients can learn from a psychologist in order to improve their mental health and reduce or cease their use of alcohol and other drugs.

Addiction Counselling

The nature of addiction has remained the same in many ways, while the world and the drugs people use are constantly changing. In his work, Jim has seen the rise in popularity of crystal methamphetamines, better known as “ice”, and has worked towards finding new treatment approaches to help those who struggle with it.

Alcohol remains by far the most widely abused substance in Australia, and most people know somebody who has a problem with it.

Regardless of the drug of choice, Jim has worked with clients at every point in their journey towards recovery, from admitting that they have a problem to maintaining a new healthy lifestyle. Jim tailors his treatment approach depending on the severity of use and the goals that the client has for themselves, then works collaboratively with his clients to help them practically and sensibly move towards these goals.

His treatment approach is non-directive and positive and he uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based on Mindfulness as a basic framework, as well as drawing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Jim is experienced in the following areas:

  • Motivational interviewing;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Substance use disorders;
  • PTSD;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety;
  • Pain management;
  • Workcover (adjustment to injury, return to work).

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