Enhance Sport, Exercise and Performance


The Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment approach (MAC) is a mindfulness program specifically aimed at enhancing sport and performance.

MAC is a seven-week program that works to improve a performer’s non-judging awareness, present moment attention, and experiential acceptance. It is centred on task-focused attention and performance values regardless of negative internal experience, and building mental toughness. This heightened present moment awareness helps to reduce distraction and self-doubt, or self-focussed attention.

Gardener and Moore (who developed MAC in 2007) suggest ideal performance occurs when we have minimal self-judgement, minimal attention to internal and external threat, and minimal future oriented focus on performance outcomes. Mindfulness and acceptance skills facilitate this state. Instead of controlling thoughts and emotions, the individual is trained to control where attention is allocated, regardless of the content of thought and the emotion or physical discomfort.

Mindfulness exercises can be integrated into gym workouts, stretching, yoga, music, art, and other creative performance domains to increase engagement, enjoyment, and to help push past fatigue or unpleasant feedback during the activity.

Abra GarfieldSport, exercise, and other performance areas sometimes require the individual to push past low mood, negative thoughts, and low energy to get long-term results. Mindfulness and acceptance skills can add to one’s mental toughness and increase the potential for success in reaching goals.

Author: Abra Garfield, Performance Psychologist BSc (Hon), MPsych (sport and exercise)

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