Dr Jan Philamon

Dr Jan PhilamonDr Jan Philamon, PhD, BA (Hons) Psychology,
Dip Teach, JP (Qual) Qld,

Dr Jan Philamon is a registered Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). She has a wealth of experience in supporting people of all ages, in a variety of spheres, including organisational, educational and clinical, and has expertise that covers a large range of psychological, emotional and educational concerns.

Dr Jan is particularly skilled in working with:

  • The issues of adolescence;
  • Parents of adolescents to help them effectively manage these turbulent years;
  • Couples with relationship problems;
  • Families facing breakdown, separation or divorce;
  • Family relationships;
  • Couples;
  • Grief and loss in all ages;
  • Career changes whether by choice, sickness or redundancy;
  • High school students, young people and adults in need of career guidance;
  • Trauma in all ages;
  • Stress and its impact on health and wellbeing;
  • Issues related to aging;
  • Awareness of thoughts and their impact on our health and functioning;
  • Spiritual counselling.

Parents, Adolescents and Families

Dr Jan is also a registered teacher and over the last few years has specialised in educational psychology, working with adolescents and their parents. Although we all feel life is tough sometimes, the transition from childhood to adulthood can be extremely challenging, filled with stress and conflict for both the parents and their children. Both parties can often find comfort by talking about their fears and concerns with an experienced psychologist, and learning new patterns and ways of behaving.

Changes within the family such as death of a parent or sibling, and family breakdown involving separation or divorce can be traumatising, and, if left untreated can have a debilitating impact on individual wellbeing, and can even cause lifetime scars for children. Effective counselling by a professional can certainly help those concerned come to terms with the trauma, and to reach a state of mind where they can move on to be stable, happy and productive members of the community.

Counselling for Adults and Couples

In addition to focusing on the concerns of adolescents and their families, Dr Jan has many years of experience supporting adults of all ages. She has gained valuable experience, for example, working for an employee assistance program for a large variety of organisations in south east Queensland,where she provided counselling to staff members and their families for a range of personal and organisational concerns.

Career Counselling

Jan has a passion for helping people of any age, feeling in need of a career change. Some have experienced a forced change through such issues as redundancy or sickness. Unfortunately, changes are often accompanied by a loss of confidence, anxiety and even depression with some people feeling stuck and almost immobilised in taking the next step in their lives. Dr Jan has much experience and success in assisting people of all ages with their career concerns, and the accompanying emotional issues. She finds it rewarding to see clients move from feeling lost and confused,  to making plans and wise decisions about their life direction.

Overall, Dr Jan enjoys working with people from all walks of life and helping them to be the best they can be and find success: improved wellbeing, gaining a sense of empowerment that allows the individual to actively problem solve and manage obstacles constructively, as well as positively plan and achieve their personal and career goals.

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