Mindful Forgiveness

Mindful Forgiveness

Forgiveness often happens mindlessly in most relationships.

Being late home, not doing the laundry, getting drunk, making fools of themselves at parties – are all mindlessly forgiven. No effort involved normally, just give it a week or two and hey presto forgiven; probably not forgotten though.

Sometimes however there is such a major breach of trust that it is not so easily forgiven.

All of a sudden, forgiveness is being thought about. It changes from mindless forgiveness to more mindful, hard-work, forgiveness.

Mindful forgiveness is something we are not as experienced in, and leads us to ask questions like: “How do I forgive?” and “How do I move on?”.

Here are some thoughts to help you as you ponder the whole concept of forgiveness:

  1. What does forgiveness mean to me?
  2. Who am I forgiving and why?
  3. If I forgive what benefit will there be? What are the detrimental aspects of forgiving?
  4. Have I ever been forgiven? What was that like?
  5. What rule has been broken this time that is so unacceptable to me?

Clinical Psychologist Dr David Wells has written an excellent article about Mindful Forgiveness. Why not take a few moments to read through it now?

Achieve your Best

Achieve your Best

man exerciseSport, exercise, and other performance areas sometimes require the individual to push past low mood, negative thoughts, and low energy to get long-term results.

Mindfulness and acceptance skills can add to one’s mental toughness and increase the potential for success in reaching goals.

Learn more about Achieving your Best with Mindfulness in this helpful article by Abra Garfield. Abra provides one-on-one therapy, life and career coaching, sport and exercise psychology services, and education programs and seminars on Mindfulness. A former elite athlete himself, Abra is also an Approved Provider with the Queensland Academy of Sport.



Our Sport Psychologist, Abra Garfield, has found that Mindfulness can be an extremely effective approach when it comes to helping individuals with Adult ADD/ADHD.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Adult ADD/ADHD

Mindfulness exercises and mindfulness meditation have been shown to have a very positive effect on:

  • attention/concentration/focus,
  • self-awareness/reflection,
  • performance,
  • emotional wellbeing, and
  • pain management.

Read more from Abra Garfield on how Mindfulness can benefit adults with ADD/ADHD.

Or make an appointment with Abra by calling 1800 877 924 today!

The Link Between Diet, Happiness and Serotonin

Sometimes we are in a good mood without even knowing why.
This phenomenon could be linked to an increased Serotonin level in our brains.
Serotonin is most commonly known as the neurotransmitter associated with feelings of contentment and happiness, and has been long associated with mental health.
Brisbane mental health dietitian and nutritionist Ashleigh Hamilton is happy to assist you with increasing your serotonin levels and thus happiness through diet.
Click here to find out more or free call our Mount Gravatt office: 1800 877 924.

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